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Residency - Tides Institute & Museum of Art

So I have arrived safe and sound in Eastport, Maine where I will be undertaking a month-long residency with the Tides Institute & Museum of Art. It was a long long journey to get here, think Planes Trains & Automobiles. But get here I did and everyone has been so welcoming it feels like home already!

The plan is to undertake a series of pinhole workshops with the local Eastport community to create self-portraits which I will translate into a jewellery format....but more of that later.

For want of a better word we will be 'making selfies', I say making as they will literally take and develop their own photograph. I suppose you could consider it a visual census. I want to investigate cultural identity through site specific photographic image making, in this instance site being inextricably linked to community.

Week one

A quick look around the Studioworks print studio and workshop spaces.

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