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American Gothic


It has been such an unexpected pleasure to not only meet locals but to end up part of someone's holiday or visit to Eastport. The process of taking a pinhole selfie is such that it allows time for some chit-chat and it has been a bonus to hear stories and random facts from those who have participated to date.

April and Barbara lamented over passports and travelling through Shannon where there is a section that has been declared US soil, so to speak.

April reckons the process reminds her of Grant Wood's American Gothic which is perfect right?

I just met a lovely family whose last year has been spent travelling the world with their two kids after pretty traumatic life-changing events at home in California. Such an education. Those kids will go forward in life with amazing experiences that no formal schooling could replicate! I am honoured to have been a small momentary addition to their travelling experience.

Today has reaffirmed the purpose behind this project. 'Making'' these photographs has allowed people to reconnect with the process of (self) image making. The unplanned benefit has been the more intangible sharing of experiences and stories. I am excited to see what/who tomorrow brings!

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